Javascript Genesis

Everyone knows that God created the world in 7 days, but only few people are aware of the fact that first God had to create the different forms of nothing on day zero.

On day zero in the first hour God created the divine form of what we usually call unknown. He called it:


In the second hour God created the divine concept of nothing. Here it is:


In the third hour – they say this was the hour when mystery was born – God created the thing (unimaginable by us humans) which is something, so it is not nothing, but about which we can’t say anything, as it has no attributes at all, and anything we want to ask about it, the answer is unknown:


In the fourth hour God created emptiness by creating the divine empty box:


In the fifth hour God created silence:

In the sixth hour God created the divine thing which we experience when trying to count things, but we cannot find anything to count:


And in the seventh hour God created the concept of doing nothing, the concept of letting things as they are:

function(x){return x;}

And God saw that it was good, so on the next day … but I stop here as you all know what happened next.


About nadamhu

I am a Hungrarian programmer interested in programming, math and entrepreneurship.
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One Response to Javascript Genesis

  1. angol says:

    nice metaphors…but assumes that God works on managed framework:)

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