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The FizzBuzz Paradox

I always thought that there is a paradox around the FizzBuzz test. On one hand companies claim that X% of their candidates could not solve FizzBuzz, where X can be as high as 95%. This somehow suggests that it is … Continue reading

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Top Tech Companies: You mostly filter on raw IQ, and here is how to do it more effectively

Here is what I think of current tech company recruitment trends: While less prominent companies measure experience and basic coding skills (for example FizzBuzz), the most prominent companies (Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc..) mostly measure raw IQ. Raw processing power of … Continue reading

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My iOS game based on the maximum clique problem: Find the Mafia!

Months ago I have read an article about how mathematicians constructed pure mathematical models of some classic video-games, and proved them to be NP-complete. Turns out that most of the most successful classic video games are NP-complete (for example Tetris). … Continue reading

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